Trust Your Temple

tired of everyone else having all the breakthroughs?

A powerful life isn’t for everyone except you.

Playing small sucks.
hiding your power doesn’t serve you.

You feel stuck.
Afraid to show up fully. Confused about what that even looks like.
Terrified to say what you really think, feel, desire, and need.
You wonder if you can actually have what you want.
You feel crazy. Burned out. Unsure about where to go next.

This is what happens when you hide your power instead of trusting it.
This is what happens when you people please.
When you bend your energy, desires, and needs to everyone else’s expectations…
… you lose yourself.

It’s time to RE-discover how powerful you are.

Learn what it feels like to say yes. To say no. To ask for what you want.
Have boundaries that support you as the highest version of yourself.
Create a life that feels like the crystal-clear vision of who you have always wanted to be.
Speak without hesitation.
Call in relationships that are healthy, connected, and sustainable.
Get the support you’ve been craving — someone 100% in your corner.
Get someone on your side — someone holding you accountable to showing up fully.

I’m so glad you’re here!
My name is Charissa,
and I was put on the planet to show you the magic of owning your power.


I believe three things.
1. You have a reason for being on the planet.
You are important, valuable, and worthy of love.
2. Without a vision for your life, you will absolutely stay stuck.
3. When you run away from your power, you cheat yourself (and the world) out of experiencing your magic and purpose.
It’s because of these three principles that I started Trust Your Temple. I’ve been coaching men and women one-on-one since 2013, walking people just like you through things like boundaries, speaking unfiltered truth, a powerful ask, knowing your worth, and communicating desire clearly.

I have a full bio here if you’d like to learn more about me.
I’m already a fan of yours.


move out of fear
and into your power


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