your cycle holds the magic.
Yes, that cycle.

life as a woman can be complicated…
But it doesn’t have to be.

Your body doesn’t have to be the enemy.
You don’t have to feel unpredictable every month.

Your body was born with an internal cycle.
It spans your physical self, your emotions, mental focus, creative dreams, and even your spiritual attunement.
You carry this blueprint your whole life — like custom architecture plans written right into your cells.
Everyone has unique blueprints. Everyone’s temple is different.
And yet, we all can relate and function similarly.

As you start your menstrual years — the years when your cycle naturally begins, you unlock this blueprint…
… which will be used for the rest of your life.

The blueprint is your bleed cycle.

Based on where you are in your cycle, your energy, talents, gifts, abilities, health, and communication can all change.
You have weeks where your energy is more primed for deep conversations.
You have weeks where it’s a better idea to tidy your house, balance your checkbook, or audit your website.
And there are weeks where it’s better to hibernate, dive into self-care, say no to social events, and renew your spirit.

If you don’t know how your temple — your beautiful, cyclical body — works, you run the risk of living a life full of disconnection, frustration, irritation, and upset. You’ll continuously feel off-balance. You could experience unpredictable cycles, painful periods, and “surprise” cycles that throw off your work, relationships, money, and more.

If you are disconnected from your cycle, you are disconnected from life.
You’ll start comparing your food, clothes, money, job, body, relationship, sex, and more to everyone else.
This is where we lose ourselves.
We lose trust with our bodies.
We lose connection to our light.

We forget how wise our cycle is, and we end up living life on other people’s schedules, rules, and terms.
Every time someone living confidently comes across your path, you freeze, judge, and compare.
And then, you tell stories about how you’re not good enough.
How it’s always a struggle.

unlocking your cycle is the key, sister.

By unlocking your body’s cyclical wisdom, you can start knowing when you’ll be most aligned to spend a night out on the town.
You’ll know when it’s best to try a new activity or a new restaurant.
You will confidently walk into meetings knowing you are the most supported by your body.
You’ll know what kinds of sex to have, and when, based on your blueprint.
You’ll re-frame things like PMS to work for you, instead of running your life.
You’ll be able to feel your boundaries better. You’ll protect your time.
You’ll tap into the sacred wisdom that your body has been holding for centuries.

Your cycle has magic, wisdom, and insight for you.
it’s a built-in GPS for your entire life.

And when you harness it,
you become an unstoppable force of light.

You will feel what it feels like to say yes. To say no. Confidently.
Learn to trust that your body is perfect as-is, and that it matters ZERO what others think.
You’ll release yourself from outside approval.
You will have boundaries that support you as the highest version of yourself.

As you tap into your cycle, you’ll create a life that feels like the crystal-clear vision of who you have always wanted to be.

I’m so honored you’re here!
My name is Charissa,
and I was put on the planet to talk about periods + harnessing your cyclical power.

charissa headshot

I believe three things.
1. Your body is the wisest instrument you were gifted when you showed up on this planet.
2. No matter your age or sexuality, your female body has wisdom that can be harnessed to alter the trajectory of your life in a powerful way.
3. When you turn your back on your femininity, you cheat yourself (and the world) out of experiencing your magic and purpose.
It’s because of these three principles that I started Trust Your Temple. I’ve been coaching in groups and one-on-one since 2013, walking people just like you through things like miscarriage and infertility, boundaries, cycles, menopause, holistic cyclical triage, loving your body, relationships and romantic partnerships, confidence, speaking unfiltered truth, a powerful ask, knowing your worth, and communicating desire clearly.

I have a full bio here if you’d like to learn more about me.
I’m already a fan of yours.


move out of disconnection
and into your wisdom


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